The Book

Schultz is writing a true tale about abiding love, murder and abundant death for hardworking families in a small Southeastern Wisconsin town during the progressive periods of the mid-1800s and early 1900s. A rural, quintessential community is the backdrop for unassuming farmers whose lives are intertwined by the connection of their church, community and heritage.

Schultz skillfully gathers together pieces of the family's lives to create page-turning drama in her debut historic nonfiction. Armed with extensive research, Schultz weaves together the lives of two families and a religious zealot as their paths take a turn from typical to turbulent. Schultz chronicles the innocent and guilty with details dating back to 1796 and current interviews of descendants and historians. The result is a stunning story about violence and desperation that has been lost for more than century and a half including emerging and controversial religions in America.

Burlington Historical Society

The Burlington Historical Society houses an extensive collection of historical records and preserved artifacts pertaining to the Burlington, Wisconsin area. It was the first historical society in Racine County and has received the Genealogical Gleaners Award for its free vital information available for public use. The Society is a private, not-for-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. The Society's museum, located on the corner of Perkins Blvd. and Jefferson St., is open most Sunday afternoons and by appointment.

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